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In today’s world, which is continuously changing, ever evolving and fast moving, the one who does not match up to it, will either be left behind or fall out of the race. Technology has scaled unimaginable heights, leaping forward from being a tool for a handful of IT companies to an unfathomable range of opportunities today. Technology is no more alien to Education. The educational institutions, governments, educators and students have amalgamated technology with educational curriculum to achieve prodigious results. Today, it is almost inconceivable to think of an educational institution that does not use technology. Some leaders and thinkers even feel that it is injustice to keep people or professions away from benefiting from technology, especially pedagogy.

Google has changed the way we teach, we learn, we assign and grade the work, and the way we collaborate. One such innovation from Google is the

As this topic is lengthy, it has been divided into parts. This post is the first part in this series “Google Classroom” and shall focus on Introduction to Google Classroom, Setting up Google Classrooms and Adding Students to Google Classrooms, posting announcements, assignments, questions and reusing posts

Google Classroom is a virtual classroom environment wherein the teachers are connected with their students within and outside the school. Now the students do not have to come to school in order to study, submit their assignment, talk to their teachers and classmates, or collaborate with them on projects as all this can be done at home or wherever the students are located. Moreover, the teachers can assign and collect work, grade it, involve students in group work, provide feedback, collaborate with them and their fellow teachers while they are at school, at home or on the move. In a nutshell, you carry your classroom wherever you are or wherever you go. But this does not mean that schools may become obsolete and the real classrooms will no longer be needed. Rather Google Classroom will be helpful in making the real classrooms a better learning place. Please refer to my series on “Using Google Classroom in Real Classroom Environments” to know more about integrating google classroom with real classrooms in school.

Setting up a Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a free tool. Earlier its usage was restricted to schools because Google offered its G Suite free only for educational institutions.

G suite for Education

The apps like Google Classroom were not available outside the G Suite for individuals who offer courses online, or those teachers whose schools are not willing to officially sign-up with Google. But google has opened up its innovative classroom to everyone. Now anyone who wants to run a course online, or any teacher who wants to use google classroom for his/her subject without involving the school, can do it very easily.

Step 1

Go to the Google classroom website by using this link or download the app on your android or iOS phone by looking for “Google Classroom” in the playstore/appstore. (Please note that Google Classroom works with perfectly Android and iOS).

Once you click on this link, you will be asked to sign into your gmail account (Google Classroom does not work without a gmail account). Once you sign in, you will find a page similar to this picture:

This is your brand new google classroom! Congratulations, you are ready to go now!

Interested in learning completing the tutorial? download this PDF file and setup your own google classroom within a few minutes!

Download your file from this link

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